Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 2008

December 2008 meeting
Jeri Moore's home. 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, December 3, 2008
17 people in attendance
Show and Tell: Jeri showed a very lovely Christmas quilt made from the Moda line Maison-de Noel. Robin showed 3! quilts, she is really going with the machine quilting! Lori as usual has been very sewy ~ bags, aprons and a great belt! Rachel made a big black, white and red bag, the snowman quilt that we had an exchange for last year, a wool pumpkins table topper, a quilt with embroidery and a neat flower quilt from Waltzing With Bears. Carolanna brought 2 very cute bags, the Waltzing quilt also, very similar to Rachel's, a "good tiding" banner and a very very cute ladybug quilt! Monica shared 2 tied baby quilts for twins. Lenette made wool Christmas stockings from an Under The Garden Moon pattern, lots of lovely hand stitching. Kathi showed her 'gravy laiden' Thanksgiving table runner that has signatures of people who have had Thanksgiving dinner at her house. Cool! Diane has been embroidering dishtowels and embellishing with a border of fabric. Mary showed 4! small wall quilts that she has made~fun snowmen. Diane B. made a neat table topper quilt for her kitchen table~fallish colors. Karen has been sculpting clay for Santa faces and embroidering. Jeanie showed a small cute little wool mat, pumpkins to decorate with, made by her young grand daughter. Maurene is making 30 pillowcases for great grand kids, has been working on her friendship quilt top and made another apron.
Karen showed us German Paper Cutting and shared patterns. These can be framed or made dimensional to hang on the tree. Thank You Karen.
We had a gift exchange which is always "interesting". Maybe it's time to try something different next time, instead of stealing gifts from each other! :) Kathi handed out her idea for her friendship block. Very cute four patch blocks with a little raw edge applique! Should be fun!
Mary reported on the quilt that we all worked on for the Walker family of Emmett. She and Monica delivered it to it's home where it was very much appreciated. The colors went very well with the home. Diane reported on the two pink quilts that are being delivered to the Coburn children. Hopefully, they will enjoy these quilts. Linda advised us against using a particular batting that was purchased at JoAnn's. It was not a completely bonded batting, perhaps one that has been around too long. It is shedding in clumps all over Linda and her house.
We were served a very satisfying lunch of soups, breads and desserts. Wassill was enjoyed by all also. The ladies contributed desserts, so there were 10 to 12 desserts: a trifle, magic bars, raspberry jello layered dessert, roasted almonds, fudge, pumpkin squares, grasshopper mint pie, almond...mmm cookie type things with frosting...mmmm, and wedding cookies. It was all very delicious and enjoyable. Thank you Jeri for your hospitality and Robin for your help also.
Next meeting end of January. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Hope you enjoy viewing our projects on the slide show.

Christmas Mtg '08

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October '08 Meeting

Sorry about no write up for last month, I was unable to attend that meeting. I know that it was held out in Emmett at Jeanie's and that you had a good time, good food and good quilty things and visited a quilt store out there!!!

On Wednesday, Oct. 29th, we met at Mary Lloyd's home and had an enjoyable morning sharing our quilting and learning about Wool Rug Hooking. Those in attendance: Kathi T., Diane S., Rachel L., Rachel brought a friend with her, Mary L., Renee R., Maurene L., Jeanie F., Carolanna M., Diane B., Jeri M., Jeri brought a friend Robin C., Monica C., Karin P. a former member, Lori B., Lori S., and Jan L. We missed a few ladies and hope to see them next month along with the new ladies.
Show and tell showed us and told us that the ladies in the group are creative and prolific! Good luck to those who are starting to design their own projects. See the previous slide show post for all the goodies.
Mary treated us to a light lunch of macaroni/fruit salad, rolls with butter and two very delicious cakes: pumpkin and chocolate. Thank You Mary. Very tasty.
Nedra Johnson was a guest speaker presenting her rug hooking hobby and showed us the many different aspects of wool. Texture and color come to mind. Thanks to Nedra for coming! It is always good to see something new and different.
We turned our friendship squares in to Maurene. She had asked us to just bring 2 five inch and 2 ten inch squares of fabric. She will then sew, cut and sew them again into a beautiful quilt called Five and Dime. Isn't that what we do? cut sew cut sew and on and on...??? Jeanie gave us black, white and red fabric to make a block for her to make a beautiful quilt. Above is an example of one already made. It is lovely. We will turn those in at our December meeting. It will be held at Jeri's house on December 3rd. We will have lunch and more fun, BUT first we need your ideas. In the past we've done the gift exchange, which we will probably do again, but we want an idea of something neat to do at the meeting/party. Is there anything you've done in a group in the past that you'd like to suggest? Leave us a comment! Thanks.
Happy Quilting...
Diane S. for Material Girls of Idaho

Thursday, October 30, 2008