Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February Meeting

On Wed., February 27, 2008, Material Girls Quilt Group met at Jeanene Flake's home. Those in attendance were: Jeanie Farnworth, Maurene Lamm, Laurie Blackner, Diane Beagley, Sandy Cantrell, Monica Campbell, Jodie Hugentobler, Rachel Lamm, Carolanna Mellen, Jeri Moore, Renee Rees, Diane Spackman, Sherry Stafford, Kathi Thompson, Mary Lloyd, Jan Leifson and Lori Schroath. A bag or two were shown, as were some beautiful small quilts, a crazy quilt, and ideas for quilts.
Monica showed a completed quilt top of blocks we all made and turned in at the January meeting. This quilt is done in browns, greens, golds, blues, reds and creams. When it is completed it will be presented to the Brandon and Tamara Walker family. Lorna volunteered to quilt it on her home quilting machine.
We turned in our friendship blocks of pinwheels to Carolanna Mellen. It will make up to be a cute quilt of bright three dimensional pinwheels.
We are planning to make a Ragged Hearts quilt to give to a cancer research group for auction to raise money.
Several are making a Snowman Wall Quilt. We all brought 150 3" squares of 2 different flannels to exchange for the patchwork portion of the snowman quilt. We laid the squares on the kitchen table, walked around the table and picked up the squares until we all held a big handful. The patterns for the snowmen heads and noses were available to trace.

Jeanene served yummy lemon bars and ultimate brownies. Thank You Jeanene.

Our next meeting will be held on Wed., March 19th at Lorna Fisher's home.

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Kathi said...

Thank you Diane for this post. We need to get pics of the things you talked about. For those who miss the mtg, this will be something fun to keep in touch.