Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plane friendship block

Maurine asked me a little while ago to post a picture of myPlane block but I kept forgetting. Finally I remembered so here it is. I'm not really sure what we are going to do at our meeting next week so I was thinking about working on some paper piecing since some of you have been a little nervous about the block. What do you think?


Monday, May 5, 2008

April Mtg with Karen MacCarter

As you can see from the slide show below, we had a great meeting this month. What's better than having an entire show and tell meeting! Karen MacCarter, a quilter since the 70's, brought several of her beautiful quilts and shared many of her experiences with us. Each quilt was truly a work of art as well as a work of love. Karen gave our group some fun ideas for future meetings by showing us quilts that had been made as friendship quilts by fellow quilters in some of the quilt groups she belongs to. By the sounds of the ooohs and aaaahs, I know we'll be discussing what quilts we want to make as a group at our next meeting. Her themed friendship quilts, i.e.fall colors, Christmas fabrics were especially full of sentiment.

Monica also brought the completed Walker quilt that many of us in the group help make. A little over a year ago, the Walker family tragically lost their 3 oldest children in a car accident as they were driving on their way to school. Two other children were in the car with them and also died. The entire Boise area was in mourning for these 2 families and it was a very difficult time. What made it even more tragic for the Walkers was the fact that they had lost their little 2 year only a couple years before in an accident. Many of us in our group have been friends with and known the Walkers for many years. Nearing the year anniversary of their children's deaths, Monica helped us start planning a love quilt for their family. In the slide show below you can see a picture of the quilt with a few of us who had worked on it. We will be delivering it later this month. Our prayers, tears and love will always be with their sweet family.

Our auction quilt was also completed and shown this month-it's the pink and red heart quilt. This is the quilt that we are donating to the Komen Breast Cancer Auction. Our quilts last year brought in good money for the foundation and we are hoping the same for this year. A few of us will be attending the dinner and auction on May 7th.

Lori had the friendship block. We'll all be paper piecing an airplane block that she designed. She showed us what the completed quilt will look like and we know her little Corey will love it.

All in all, we had a fun meeting, learned a lot, shared much, laughed, chatted and ate. By the way, I'll be sending the recipe for the Gooey Butter Bars to everyone via email.

Next meeting is at Lori Schroath's on May 28th and Mary has the friendship block. See you there!