Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010

On April 28th, we met at Maurene Lamm's home in Eagle. There were 13 members in attendance: Carolanna Mellen, Diane Spackman, Lenette Poole, Susan Tway, Kathi Thompson, Tracey Braithwaite(newest member), Nancy Fahnestock, Rachel Lamm, Maurene Lamm, Robyn Chamberlain, Corrie Munson, Lori Schroath and Diane Beagley. Mary Lloyd dropped in briefly and left several plastic 3 inch template strips for us to take and use with our Vintage Baby Blocks quilts! Rachel Lamm updated the group on the quilt for cancer reaserch that we made 2 months ago. It will be donated to the cancer charity called Expedition Inspiration.
The "Pizza Box Exchange" activity is under full swing. Each person brought a block to be passed in their pizza box to a different member, exchanging every meeting for the next 12 to 15 months. The blocks all vary, from 30's fabrics to black and white to novelty to using shirting from old dress shirts. We missed getting a picture of a couple of the blocks. We will update those next month, and include those of a few members who were not in attendance today. After an inspiring "sew and tell" session, we visited and enjoyed mini muffins and fruit smoothies created by Maurene. Thank you. Next month we will meet at Nancy Fahnestock's home on Wednesday, May 26th. The plan is to make a star shaped red white and blue table topper. Lori will do the demonstration.

Diane S.'s table runners

Diane S.'s exchange block
Rachel's exchange block
Rachel's quilt
Rachel's quilt
Rachel's block
Rachel's table topper
Another of Rachel's table toppers
Close up
Rachel's quilt
Carolanna's exchange block
Carolanna's quilt
Carolanna's quilt. Experimenting with rickrack
Carolanna's quilt
Carolanna's quilt
Carolanna's quilt
Susan's exchange block
Susan's quilt
Susan's quilt
Corrie's exchange block
Corrie's purse
Corrie's Vintage triangle quilt
Diane B.'s exchange block
Diane B.'s daughter's skirt
Mary's exchange block
Maurene's exchange block
Maurene's work in progress
Kathi's daughter's baptism quilt
Kathi's exchange block
Monica's exchange block
Robyn's exchange block
Robyn's quilt
Nancy C.'s exchange block
Lenette's Bullseye friendship quilt
Lenette's quilt

Sew and flip stars designed and made by Lori. We will be making these next month!
Lori's exchange block.