Thursday, August 19, 2010

July 2010 Meeting

The July 2010 meeting for Material Girls was held at Susan Tway's home in Garden City. Susan's home is situated with the Boise River right out her back door. We enjoyed watching a mid-summer storm through the big picture windows that morning. Susan was prepared and set up to help us all make a small Santa ornament or gift tag. She also prepared Strawberry Shortcake for our refreshments. Thank you, Susan, for everything. We met one of Susan's friends and hope to see her again at Quilt Group. Sew and Tell was enjoyable and quite varied. Our group consists of many talented ladies. Thirteen group members were in attendance. We continue to exchange pizza boxes with one more completed block each month. We are asking as you complete a block to write your name inside the lid of the box. See you all in August, where we will meet Wednesday, August 25, at Tracey Braithwaite's home in Eagle. Thanks to everyone.
PS It's been so long I couldn't remember who did what for a few things. If you have a sec, go to Flickr and comment on the picture and I'll get things fixed. Thanks!

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