Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept 2011

Our meeting this month was at Jeri's home. We had withdrawals from our pizza box exchange. It felt odd not bringing our boxes with us. Jeanie brought hers for comfort though. :) Not only did we have our regular show and tell, but we also brought some quilts that would give ideas for possible settings for our pizza box squares. We needed to see some of these as they were very inspiring. We also each brought a piece of "ugly" fabric in a brown paper bag. Each of us picked up a bag to take home and we will have 2 months to make something beautiful out of someone else's "ugly" fabric. For our Christmas meeting, we will wrap up what we made from the "ugly" fabric and it will be the present for the original owner of the "ugly" fabric. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Thank you Jeri for a wonderful morning!!

Robyn's quilt. Idea for block setting.

Another quilt Robyn made for one of her Young Women

A bag Carolanna will be teaching at her Super Saturday. The flower she added is very cute but got washed out in the photo. :(

Tablerunner by Carolanna

Crazy quilt by Carolanna

Quilt by Carolanna and also an idea for our square settings

Close up of the cute flowers in the corners

Idea for settings from Nancy. We can set some on point and some square in the same quilt.

Another setting idea from Nancy's book

Cover of book also shows a great idea for settings

Monica's quilt

Lori's reversible apron

Other side of apron

Lori's Halloween advent calendar. Each number is a pocket.

Lori's raw edge quilt

Lori's quilt

Lori's quilt that shows an idea for block setting

Kathi's quilt with another idea for block settings

Jeri's quilt showing setting ideas

Another quilt from Jeri showing a setting idea

Jeri's blocks with a plain square between pieced squares-an idea for block setting

Lori's personalized labels for her quilts and handwork

Diane's Baby Boy Bullseye quilt

Diane's doll cradle quilt using several flannel scraps

Diane's picnic tablecloth, made from our previous friendship block exchange

Jeri's delicious lunch-peaches and grapes

Peach torte

blueberry muffins

chicken salad

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Corrie said...

Picked up my pizza box from Kathi today. Just opened it up. I love them all. Thank you to everyone for doing a 30's block! Jeri, thank you for having us in your home. Actually, the ugly fabric I got is really nice. hmmm....