Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feb. 2015 Mtg-Sweet treats

Thank you Julia for hosting our February meeting. We finished another round of our Pizza Box Exchanges this month. Most of us will have 11-12 beautiful squares made by our friends in Material Girls Idaho. Hopefully we'll be seeing finished quilts from these squares showing up in the next few months...hint, hint all of you!
We had one visitor, Linda from Rupert. We're hoping to convert her to the fun world of quilting especially since she lives in a city with a wonderful quilt store.
Here are the pics from our show and tell. After the show and tell Emily gave us a demo using a special ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co. It's an easier way to make hexi-quilts. They sell two rulers, a 5" that works with charmpacks or jellyrolls (it's 2 1/2" wide) and another one that's 10" and works with layer cakes. The website has tons of tutorials too.
Jeri won a charm pack as the door prize then we were treated to an array of sweets.


Rachel has cleaned out her quilt room and is now finishing many of the UFOs she found. This is a bowtie table topper.

Rachel made these two penny rugs from wool.

These are four sheep blocks made with wools that Rachel made.

Rachel used bright batiks to make this quilt and used fleece on the back. It was a free pattern she got from Moda.

This one is called Spin Cycle from the Sidewalk fabric line.  Rachel called it her condemned quilt because so many things kept going wrong while working on it. She pieced the whole thing and realized she had forgotten to add the sashing between the blocks so she unpicked the whole thing. Then she had troubles finding more fabric for the border and then found out her red minky backing was too short while trying to put it on the quilting machine and last of all she found out that same red minky backing showed through on the front with every machine quilting stitch. We thought it turned out beautiful, but Rachel doesn't look at it with loving eyes.

Jeri made this quilt for her husband's office. He loves puffy quilts so she's going to tie it.

Holly used a charm pack for this quilt and then offset the squares and sashing to give it a unique and fun look. She calls it her chemo quilt because she helped her mom with it while her mom was going through chemo.

Holly also put this together using a top her mom had sewn.

Holly also made this mini stars and blocks wall hanging. In the corners of the center piece she attached magnets on the back so that she can change out the themes for each month. Below are a couple of the center squares. The center squares are made with wool and also have magnets attached to them.

Lenette made 20 squares like this and will piece them in a pattern of her choosing to make a humanitarian quilt. 
Cindy made this quilt which be a humanitarian quilt.

Cindy also made this cute kittens in a block quilt. She appliqued the faces and used a kitten flannel for the back.

Sherry shared a quilt that was made using her grandma's blocks.

Diane had stitched a pillow for a friends years ago (left) and noticed how faded and worn it was looking, so she made her a brand new one (right).

Diane also made this Love pillow using wool letters. She used a red print for the back.

Nancy F. made this hat and scarf from fleece and will be making several more for humanitarian.


Emily is demonstraing using the ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co. on a layer cake. In the foreground she has pieced a strip using the pieces made using the smaller ruler.


Red velvet cake. Julia used the Dream Whip Vanilla Pudding box mix for the frosting. Yum!

Sweet fruit cups

Fruit pizza


Butterscotch bars

5 qts water
2-3 c. sugar
1 T. citric acid
1 T. lemon extract