Thursday, August 27, 2015

July 2015 Meeting

We only had a few people attending our July many out of town, but it was a fun meeting. We shared some tips. Here they are:
1. Binding-when doing corners and you are turning, make sure you can see a little bit of the quilt edge above the binding fold and also, when hand stitching the bidning make sure as you come to the corner that the binding doesn't get too wide.
2.When making handles, use cotton webbing on top with the fabric and topstitch
3. On curves, use pinking shears instead of clipping curves
4.If your quilt turns out wavy, try blocking it.
5.Keep a tape measure in your purse and frosted rulers are a favorite
6.Favorite seam ripper is the one with a rubber end and favorite turning device is the turning bone.

Diane made this quilt with a scrappy back. It shrunk a whole 3 inches after she washed it.

Diane also made this quilt below. Above is the back and it's paper pieced.

Cindy made this carrying bag for her Featherweight machinge with a separate bag for the machine foot.

Cindy also made these shoe bags for travelling.

Nancy C. also made a carrying bag for her Featherweight and a drawstring bag for the foot.

This is a quilt Nancy made from a patter called Suburb by Cluck Cluck Sew. She made the quilt for the Syringa House Auction and it uses a layer cake.

Maurene made this quilt and the two pillows below.

This is the book Julia used for the quilt below. The pattern is called Primrose.

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